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My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think our neighbors hate us


I’m just really happy that this is a thing that exists. 

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My Most Mystical Experience on Psychoactive Mushrooms

        One of the most prominent, and probably the best, mystical experiences I have ever had was when me and four of my close friends went camping at a place in Cleveland called Devil’s Point. This place is in a cove with a peninsula coming off of it, thus “Point” in the name. We arrived close to sunset and hiked the half mile down a windy trail to our campsite. Once there, we set up a fire, laid out our sleeping bags, and turned on some music. The sun started to set at this time and we dosed our Penis Envy mushrooms. That is when the ultimate experience began. I was sitting on my sleeping bag looking out across the water, and the trees were not trees anymore; they were animated looking beings of brown and magenta swaying and dancing from their roots in the ground; it was as if they were putting on a ballet synchronized to the song playing. A moment later a bug buzzed past my ear. The buzz was so pronounced, however, that it was as if it were communicating with me on a different frequency in which I could understand it so clearly! I instantly looked up at the stars—it was night by now—and I noticed something explode into our dimension from another. It was nothing I had ever seen before. It was how people have described UFO’s to look like. It zoomed around for what seemed like five minutes and suddenly disappeared. At this point one of my friends and I decided to go explore the trail we hiked to our campsite. About halfway up the trail we saw a glowing larva-like object on the ground. Just having seen a UFO only minutes before we had to check it out. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life. At the time I could have sworn that it was an alien larvae given the past events; however, upon searching the internet the next day it ended up being a type of glow grub.

            I had heard sayings that Devil’s Point is one of the weirdest places to camp, but I had never expected to experience what I experienced. Sure, I kind of believed in the idea of other dimensions and phenomena such as UFO’s and hearing frequencies out of our typical range of hearing, but my view on life has been forever changed. This mystical experience showed me that we are not the primitive species and there are so many other beings one can come into contact with if the conscience is open for the experience. Time and space is only what we perceive it to be.

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